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This Day In Comedy: January 8

On: Sunday, January 8, 2012

Born this day in 1941, Graham Chapman (Graham Arthur Chapman) Leicester, Leicestershire, England, starred in Life of Brian and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, was a doctor before turning to a life of comedy. He died 10/04/1989 of tonsil cancer and secondary spinal cancer at age 48.


Graham Chapman camoe


graham chapman cameo WZ

Larry storch epstein cvr

larry storch cameo 48994

Born this day in 1925, Larry Storch (Lawrence Samuel Storch) is 87, New York City, New York, comedian who played Corporal Randolph Agarn on TV’s F Troop, Larry Storch Show.
Born this day in 1926, Soupy Sales (Milton Supman aka Milton Hines) of Franklinton, North Carolina, comedian, actor, radio-TV personality, best known for his local and network children's television show, Lunch with Soupy Sales;  sketches frequently ended with Sales receiving a pie in the face, his trademark. He died 10/22/2009 from cancer at age 83.



Soupy sales (2)

Soupy Sales - Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh


Born this day in 1917, Stanley Prager of New York City, NY, comedian, actor, television and theatre director, TV’s Car 54 Where Are you?, Patty Duke Show. He died 01/18/1972 of a heart attack at age 55.

Died this day in 1994, Pat Buttram (Maxwell Emmett Buttram) of Addison, Alabama, comic actor, sidekick in many Westerns, Mr. Haney on TV’s Green Acres. Born 06/19/1915, he died of kidney failure at age 78.

pat_butram cameo

Pat Buttram - We Wuz Poor


Sam Perrin cameo



Died this day in 1998, Sam Perrin, comedy writer for Jack Benny. Born 08/15/1901, he was 96.


Died this day in 1981, Stymie (Our Gang) (Matthew Beard Jr.) Los Angeles, California comic actor. Born 01/01/1925, he died at age 56.

matthew stymie beard

matthew stymie beard cameo (2)

terry-thomas cameo no stache


terry-thomas xx (4)


Died this day in 1990, Terry-Thomas (Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens) of Finchley, London, England, hyper British comic. Born 07/14/1911, he died of Parkinson's disease at age 78.

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