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Bill Dana - Jose Jimenez At The Jungry i 1961

On: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bill Dana
William Szathmary
Oct 05 1924 -
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Phone: (615) 330-3005
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Bill Dana is of Hungarian-Jewish descent, but is best known for playing the Mexican character Jose Jimenez. He recorded one of his best-selling albums at the Hungry I, “The Astronaut.”
In fact, his famous alter ego, Jose Jimenez, has been adopted as the official eighth Mercury astronaut, the first words spoken from the ground to an American entering space being, "OK Jose', you're on your way."
Having become a part of the extended astronaut family, Bill Dana currently serves on the advisory board of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and is on the Nominations Committee of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. (Jose Jimenez is also acknowledged in The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and enshrined at the United States Astronaut Hall Of Fame in Florida.
Not merely a gifted stand-up comic, but writer, producer and actor, Bill Dana's career has spanned nightclubs, television (“The Bill Dana Show” in addition to countless guest appearances), recordings and lecturing. His success as a comedy writer includes being responsible for one of the Top Hundred rated TV programs of all time, an Emmy-award winning episode of the All in the Family series.
Co-author of “The Laughter Prescription,” Bill Dana serves on the Advisory Board of The National Hispanic Media Coalition, and was also given that institution's first Impact Award.  

01 My Nightclub Act
02 The Astronaut (With Don Hinkley)

03 Presenting Bill Dana
04 Any Questions? (With The Audience)


Kapp Records KL-1238
Best Of Jose Jimenez 1985
Hoo Ha! Direct From Noshville 1971
Shtick From Bill Dana's Hoo Ha! 1971
New Alice In Wonderland 1966
Cry b/w Jose's Dream (45) 1965
King Of The Surf (Part II) (45)
What Kind Of Fool Am I (45)
All I Need Is You b/w Make Nice (45) 1965
Jose Jimenezchevitz b/w Childhood Scenes (45) 1966
US Senator b/w Bob Sled Racer (45) 1960


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