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Blaster Bates - Vol 5 Lift-Off 1973 (UK)

On: Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blaster Bates
Derek Macintosh Bates
Crewe, Chesire, England
Feb 05 1923 – Sep 01 2006 age 83
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Blaster Bates was the name used by Derek Macintosh Bates an English explosives and demolition expert and raconteur, who was born in Crewe. He made a series of sound recordings from the 1960s to 1980s, recounting bizarre and funny experiences from his long career, and tales of his hobbies of motorcycling, hunting and shooting. He was much in demand as an after-dinner speaker. His tales feature coarse language and their content is equally strong stuff: once, for instance, he was hired to clear out a farm's septic tank using explosives, an episode Bates described as "The Shower of Shit Over Cheshire".
Bates served with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War as a Handley Page Halifax bomber pilot, and then learned his explosives skills as a bomb disposal specialist. After the war he returned to his previous employer Rolls Royce, hoping to resume his old job, but was told "We're cutting down, you know". Bates then started his own demolition business, drawing on his wartime expertise. He later noted that it was a good decision, as "over the years I've managed to do all right while they've [Rolls Royce] gone steadily bust".
He was known for carrying sticks of explosive in his pockets, even producing them while giving testimony in trials, to the horror of the court. Most high explosives are harmless unless used with a detonator, but this is not generally understood.   Source: Wikipedia

01 Introductory Preamble
02 One Of Life's Tragedies
03 Gelignite In The Coal Shed
04 The De-Mob Suit
05 The Torrey Canyon
06 Off The Coast Of Monacco
07 Into The Main Sewer
08 In Court Again
09 More About The Old Van
10 His Lordships Goblin
11 What A Way To Go

Big Ben BB 00.09

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