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Lenny Bruce - Lenny Bruce Originals Vol 1 & 2 1991

On: Monday, January 9, 2012

Lenny Bruce
Leonard Alfred Schneider
 Mineloa, New York USA
Oct 13 1925 – Aug 03 1966 age 40

Volume 1
These 1958 tracks from The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce and Interviews of Our Times are the roots of the rage but not the rage itself. When Bruce first made the scene in the late 1950s, he was considerably tamer than he would become (although he was already quite volatile by the era's standards). Most of his early humor was based on bits and routines, with the comic providing a litany of voices for a passel of ethnic characters and bizarre situations. While not as shocking or as memorable as his later freeform work, much of this material still rings true, especially the hilarious "March of High Fidelity" and the dead-on "Non
Skeddo Flies Again." Certainly these roots are worth researching. Source: Amazon
01 Interview
02 Djinni in the Candy Store
03 Enchanting Transylvania
04 Interview with Dr. Sholem Stein
05 The March of High Fidelity   Listen
06 Father Flotski's Triumph [Unexpurgated]
07 All Broadway Musicals Sound the Same, Especially the Baritones
08 Shorty Petterstein Interview
09 Non Skeddo Flies Again
10 The Kid in the Well
11 Adolph Hitler and the M.C.A.
12 Ike, Sherm, and Nick
13 Psychopathia Sexualis
14 Religions, Inc.
15 Three Message Movies: Narcotics/Truth/Tolerance

Volume 2
This CD compilation, like Originals Vol. 1, is an absolute must for all fans of the late, great Lenny Bruce. This volume contains two more early Lenny Bruce albums: I Am Not A Nut, Elect Me and American. Note: a few tracks from American were put on Volume one due to time constraints. 
The four albums collected on Originals Volumes 1 and 2 were originally released by Fantasy Records in the late 1950s and pressed onto fancy red vinyl. For the CD release, Fantasy has digitally remastered these  recordings. The result is a crisp, clean sound that is a joy to hear. I  know - my father owned all the LPs, and as a kid in the 70's, I would listen to them on the family Hi-Fi. The remastering and CD quality is a definite improvement.
While these albums consisted of pre-written routines (in one bit, Lenny states that at the time, he did very little improv) and not the amazing free-form improvisational work of his later career, Lenny's genius and caustic wit shine through.
These incendiary routines were the real reason why Lenny Bruce was persecuted by the authorities, not his use of vulgar language. Buy this CD and hear for yourself why Lenny Bruce was the most brilliant and daring comedian of all time. Source: Amazon

01 White Collar Drunks 5:41
02 The Defiant Ones 4:27
03 The Phone Company 2:18
04 The Steve Allen Show 4:29
05 Esther Costello Story 2:41

06 Bronchitis 1:17
07 My Trip To Miami 3:41

08 The Tribunal 2:54
09 The Palladium 20:04
10 Our Governors 3:34

11 Lima, Ohio 7:37
12 Airplane Glue 1:43
13 Shelly Berman/Chicago/Nightclub Owners 4:27
14 How To Relax Your Colored Friends At Parties 3:19
15 The Lost Boy 1:46
16 Marriage, Divorce And Motels 5:26
17 Don's Big Dago 0:51
18 Commercials 1:00

Wife Honey, Lenny Bruce, daughter Kitty

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