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Benny Bell - Kosher Comedy 1956

On: Monday, January 23, 2012

Benny Bell
Benjamin Zamberg
New York City,New York USA
Mar 21 1906 - Jul 06 1999 age 93
Official Site

Benny Bell was a Jewish American singer-songwriter who reached popularity in the 1940s, with a comeback in the 1970s. He is particularly remembered for his risqué but cheerfully optimistic songs.Benny Bell was born to an immigrant Jewish family in New York City and like many others who were born and raised on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Benny Bell’s first language was Yiddish. His father wanted him to be a rabbi, but after trying various odd jobs including self-employed street peddler, Benny Bell decided to pursue a career in vaudeville and music, because he found employment writing lyrics for music and also music for lyrics. After this initial introduction to "show business" Benny Bell took to the Vaudeville stage as 'Benny Bimbo'. Making people laugh was what he was all about.  ~Source: JSA

1 Blessing the Bride
02 Bar Mitzvah Boy
03 Moishe Pipick
04 Lady Please Scram
05 Subway Sardines
06 Calypso Mandelbaum
07 The Big Broadcast
08 A Disgusted Millionaire
09 Small Town Cantor
10 Four fancy Kashes
11 Jolly Jingles
12 Inlaws Are Outlaws

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