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Phyllis Diller - Phyllis Diller On Comedy 2009

On: Thursday, January 12, 2012

Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Ada Driver
Jul 17 1917 - Aug 20 2012 age 95
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In 1955, while working as a journalist for the San Leandro News-Observer, Phyllis Diller appeared as a contestant on Groucho Marx’s game show You Bet Your Life. Diller’s memorable performance on the show sparked the advent of her national exposure. She received an offer to make her comedic debut at San Francisco’s The Purple Onion Comedy Club, where she floored the audience with her dynamic one-liners and comical costumes. This success led to future bookings at New York’s Blue Angel as well as an appearance on The Jack Paar Show.
In her monologues, Diller adopted the stage personality of a typical housewife and spoke of topics that affected American suburbia -- kids, pets, neighbors and even mothers-in-law. Her most notable routines were filled with anecdotes about her fictitious husband "Fang," and her numerous face-lifts. Diller’s delivery was accentuated by her animated facial expressions, eccentric costumes, and overdone make-up. During performances, she would often flaunt a cigarette while laughing at her own jokes with her trademark cackle. Excerpt source: Biography

01 Introduction, Family From Ohio
02 Funny As A Kid, Setting Standards, Attitudes
03 George Carlin
04 Starting In Show Business
05 Female Role Model, Male Comedians, First Club Shows
06 Being A Woman In Comedy, Comedians And Music
07 Tool Kit For Comics, Confidence, Stage Persona, Props
08 Pioneering For Women, Magic Of Believing
09 Dream Book, Bob Hope, Television
10 Family And Marriage, Piano, Painting
11 What Is The Role Of Comedy

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