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Steve Martin - Pure Drivel 2007

On: Saturday, April 24, 2010

01 Introduction
02 A Public Apology
03 Changes In The Memory After Fifty
04 Dear Amanda
05 Drivel
06 Writing Is Easy
07 Taping My Friends
08 I Love Loosely
09 Side Effects
10 Yes, In My Own Backyard
11 How I Joined Mensa
12 The Paparazzi Of Plato
13 Times Roman Font Announces Shortage Of Periods
14 Artist Lost To Zoloft
15 The Sledgehammer, How It Works
16 Lolita At Fifty
17 In Search Of The Wily Filipino
18 Michael Jackson's Old Face
19 Schrödinger's Cat
20 The Nature Of Matter And Its Antecedents
21 Bad Dog
22 Hissy Fit
23 Mars Probe Finds Kittens
24 A Word From The Words
25 Outro

Thanks to Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory!

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