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Crazy versus Funny Bone

On: Friday, April 9, 2010

Its' very DISTURBING that so many people get these MIXED UP.

Your funny bone is like your soul - ya got one. Can't see it, measure it or touch it. But when it's figuratively tickled ya SCREAM, LAUGHING.

Your crazy bone is basically part of your elbow. When you bang your elbow on the top of a chair, and hit that nerve bundle within, it makes ya SCREAM, IN PAIN.

For God's sake, they couldn't be MORE DIFFERENT!!!
Private thought balloon: Unless, of course, you are one of those weirdos who think pain is funny. Your own pain, that is.

As you are visiting this blog and must be an aficionado of comedy, I am depending on you to spread the word. Right Away.

The next concept to discuss, which is totally mixed up, is the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Jeez, didn't you learn anything in catholic/bible school? THINK ABOUT this one and check back in a couple of days for the correct explanation.

3 comments on "Crazy versus Funny Bone"

Adam said...

Well, if I remember my George Carlin correctly, and I think I do, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION refers to the idea (note, I didn't say 'fact') that Mary was born without the stain of original sin. As for what is totally mixed up, I guess you are talking about how most people confuse IMMACULATE CONCEPTION with VIRGIN BIRTH, which is how Jesus was supposedly born.

JimG said...

Adam is on to something here...

Adam said...

Yay, me! I can quote George Carlin at length from most of his albums, I just tend to forget what material comes from which album.

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