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Forced Break

On: Monday, April 12, 2010

I only have a few more days online. The monthly limit of 250G imposed by my ISP will be reached by Wednesday or Thursday this week, after which email, posting etc won't be available until 5/1, the start of a new month.

Any suggestions on how to otherwise access the internet, email me before Wednesday 4/14/2010.
The limit is tough to meet in a home with 4 power users. Sorry!
See the post on 4/7/10.

2 comments on "Forced Break"

cabbagefarts said...

If ya have to, you can always use the local library, an internet cafe or steal your bandwidth back from a neighbors wifi connection :)

Media Funhouse said...

You are doing such an excellent job entertaining us you are more than entitled to have some time off. We will be here when you return, do not sweat it, man!


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