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This Day In Comedy: February 22

On: Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Born this day in 1928, Bruce Forsyth (Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson), aka "Boy Bruce, The Mighty Atom" is 89, Edmonton, Middlesex, England 5'11" entertainer, comedian, TV host Generation Game.
Bruce Forsyth cameo 1Bruce Forsyth cameoh3

"Nice to see you, to see you nice"Bruce-Forsyth-Mister-Entertainm-451676
Born this day in 1914, Emil Sitka Johnstown, PA comic actor, the “Fourth Stooge”.  He died 01/16/1998 of a massive stroke at age 83.
Emil Sitka X 2 (2)Emil Sitka Cameo 2
"Hold Hands You Love Birds."
Rubber-stamped on fan photo, a line from a short in which he played a dizzy reverend.
Born this day in 1970, Freddy Soto (Alfred Soto, Jr) El Paso, Texas comedian, Comedy Central PresentsLatino Laugh Festival, Spanglish. He died 07/10/2005 from an alcohol/drug overdose at age 35.
Freddy Soto cameo

Born this day in 1953, Geoffrey Perkins (Geoffrey Howard Perkins) Bushey, Hertfordshire, England comedian, writer BBC comedy producer, Spitting Image. He died 08/29/2008 after fainting then hit/run by lorry (truck) driver at age 55.
Geoffrey Perkins cameo DD
Geoffrey Perkins came0 dd  
Born this day in 1925, Gerard Hoffnung Berlin, Germany writer artist, musician. He died 09/25/1959 from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 34.

Gerard Hoffnung cameo xx
Gerard Hoffnung cartoon Hoffnung cover
Born this day in 1926, Kenneth Williams (Kenneth Charles Williams) Islington, London, England 5'8" comic actor, comedian, Carry On films. He died 04/15/1988 from heart failure after doubling antacid dose without doctor’s advice, combined with pain and sleep medication, at age 62.

BBC 7 - Comedy Poll - Kenneth Williams...Picture Shows: Kenneth Williams has been voted number six by radio listeners in a BBC 7 'top seven' poll to find the greatest comedian ever.  The poll marks the launch on Sunday 15th December of the new BBC digital radio station BBC 7.
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Diary entry before he was found dead in bed:
“Bloody hell! My back hurts so much & everything's shit. I bet I'm going to die soon. Wouldn't that be the way? I'll bet I die on the toilet. The indignity of some doctor trying to pull my trousers up over my shitty arse is something I am glad that I shall not be there to witness. Everything is so shit, I really can't see the point in anything, it's all so fucking shit. I'm going to put loads of pills in my mouth, sit on the toilet, and see what happens.”

Born this day in 1928, Paul Dooley (Paul Dooley Brown) is 89, Parkersburg, West Virginia 5'10" comedian and comic actor.
Paul Dooley cameo
Paul Dooley - Booked Solid

This Day In Comedy: February 21

On: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Born this day in 1927, Erma Bombeck (Erma Fiste), aka Erma Louise Bombeck Bellbrook, Ohio columnist, writer Grass Is Always Greener. She died 04/22/1996 of kidney failure at age 69.
Erma bombeck cameo 92 

Born this day in 1955,
Kelsey Grammer (Allen Kelsey Grammer) is 62, Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands 6'1" comic actor, TV’s Cheers and Frasier.
kelsey grammer cameo 9
 Kelsey Grammar cameo split

Born this day in 1948,
Larry Ragland is 69, Richmond Virginia  comedian TVs’ Keep on Truckin'.

Died this day in 1980, Chet Lauck (Chester H Lauck) Mena, Arkansas comic actor, “Lum” of duo Lum & Abner and show of same name. Born 02/09/1902, he died at age 78.
Chet Lauck Lum & Abner 2 cameo
Chet Lauck LUM_AND_ABNER cameo
Died this day in 1993, Harvey Kurtzman, Brooklyn, New York cartoonist for Mad Magazine,Little Annie Fanny” character. Born 10/03/1924, he died of liver cancer at age  68.
harvey kurtzman cameo 550x339

Harvey Kurtzman Annie Fanny cameo 
Died this day in 2003, Tom Glazer (Thomas Zachariah Glazer) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania novelty singer On Top Of Spaghetti, All Covered With Cheese. Born 09/03/1914, he died at age 88.
Tom Glazer cameo
Tom glaze Spaghetti

This Day In Comedy: February 20

On: Monday, February 20, 2017

Born this day in 1906, Gale Gordon (Charles T. Aldrich Jr.) New York City, New York 5'8" comedian, TV’s  Our Miss Brooks, Here's Lucy. He died 06/30/1995 from lung cancer at age 89.
Gale Gordon cameo 2 gale gordon age 19 cameo

Born this day, year
unknown, George Bowser,  Sussex, England comedian paired with Rick Blue in Bowser & Blue, musical duo from Quebec, Canada who write and perform comedic songs.
George Bowser And Blue cameo

orn this day in 1960, Joel Hodgson (Joel Gordon Hodgson) is 57, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 5'10" comedian of TV’s Mystery Science Theater.
Joel Hodgson cameo 1 Joel Hodgson cameo dd

Born this day in 1936, Larry Hovis, Wapato, Washington 5'10" comic actor, TV’s Gomer Pyle, Hogan's Heroes. He died 09/09/2003 from cancer at age 67.
Larry Hovis cameo xx Larry Hovis cameo 2

Died this day in 1992, Dick York (Richard Allen York), Fort Wayne, Indiana actor, TV’s Darren #1 in Bewitched. Born 09/04/1928, he died from emphysema at age 63.
Dick York cameo 4Dick York Cameo teen Dick York cameo 3Dick York ages cameo

Died this day in 2001, Rosemary Decamp, Prescott, Arizona comic actor, TV’s The Life Of Riley, The Bob Cummings Show, That Girl. Born 11/14/1910, she died from pneumonia at age 90.

Rosemary DeCamp cameo 1
She played James Cagney's mom in Yankee Doodle Dandy though 11 years younger than Cagney. She played Ronald Reagan's mother in This Is The Army, they were the same age.
Rosemary DeCamp cameo 4Rosemary DeCamp cameo 3

This Day In Comedy: February 18

On: Saturday, February 18, 2017

Born this day in 1967, Gregg Rogell is 50, stand-up comedian.
Gregg Rogell

Born this day in 1931, Johnny Hart (John Lewis Hart) Endicott, New York cartoonist, creator of B.C. and The Wizard Of Id. He died 04/07/2007 of a stroke (while cartooning) at age 76.
Johnny Hart cameo 2
Johnny Hart cameo 3
Died this day in 1999, Noam Pitlik Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comic actor, TV’s Bob Newhart Show, Becker directed TV’s Barney Miller, Fish, Taxi.  Born 11/04/1932, he died of lung cancer at age 66.
Noam Pitlik cameo 22

This Day In Comedy: February 17

On: Friday, February 17, 2017

Born this day in 1934, Dame Edna Everage (John Barry Humphries) is 83, Camberwell, Victoria comedian, satirist, dadaist, artist, author and character actor, played Dame Edna as a Melbourne housewife and "gigastar".
dame edna cameo xx
Dame Edna cameo 3
Born this day in 1919, Kathleen Freeman, Chicago, Illinois, comic actor often played grumpy but lovable domestic, TV’s  Topper, Dick Van Dyke Show, Broadway’s The Full Monty. She died 08/23/2001 from lung cancer at age 82.
Kathleen Freeman cameo Ladies Man 2  Kathleen Freeman cameo 

Born this day in 1963, Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Lawrence Whitney) is 54, Pawnee City, Nebraska, 5'10" comedian, voice artist, radio personality.

“Git ‘R Done!

 Larry the cable guy cameo 2
Larry The Cable guy cameo 4Larry The Cable Guy cameo 1

Born this day in 1972, Ralphie May is 45, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 5'9" stand-up comedian.
ralphie may cameo 1  ralphie may cameo 2 

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