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This Day In Comedy: February 27

On: Monday, February 27, 2017

Born this day in 1928, Herbert Wiere, comedian of The Wiere Brothers, films The Road To Rio, Double Trouble, TV’S Oh Those Bells. He died 08/05/1999 of natural causes at age 71.

Harry Wiere cameo 1962

Born this day in 1940, Howard Hesseman is 77, Lebanon, Oregon, 6' actor, TV’s WKRP in Cincinnati and many movies.
howard Hesseman cameo cc
Howard Hesseman Cameo xx 
Born this day in 1943, Mary Frann (Mary Frances Luecke) St. Louis, Missouri, 5'5  comic actress, ex-weather woman TV’s The Days Of Our Lives Newhart Show. She died 09/23/1998, unexpectedly, of a heart attack at age 55.
Mary frann cameo

Mary Frann cameo nmary3 

Born this day in 1961, Wendy Liebman is 56, Manhasset, New York) 5'2" comedian, misdirection artiste. "This Thanksgiving I made a 28 pound turkey. Pot pie," or "I really like to shop. Lift."
Wendy Liebman cameo 22
Wendy Liebman cameo sm 
Died this day in 2006, Linda Smith (Linda Helen Smith) Erith in Kent comedian was a British stand-up comic and comedy writer. Voted "Wittiest Living Person" On Radio 4 panel games. Born 01/29/1958, she died from ovarian cancer at age 48.
linda smith cameo

Died this day in 2002, Spike Milligan (Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan) aka Aka Milligna, Aka Milligoon. Ahmednagar, British India comic, writer, the "Father Of Modern British Comedy", influenced Monty Python, created The Goon Show. Born 04/16/1918, he died of liver disease, kidney failure at age 83.
Spike Milligan cameo 3Spike Milligan cameo dySpike Milligan Milligan Preserved

Painfully sensitive nature, manic-depression & other mental illnesses  sometimes confined him to near solitude.
 Once, he cried out "You hate me, don't you?" The audience howled, Milligan threw his trumpet to the stage floor and stomped it flat. He needed psychiatric treatment after the war, and struggled with his demons even when he finally did gain a measure of show business success via The Goon Show.
 "The war started the gradual deterioration of my mental stability, but The Goon Show finished the process," he said.

Died this day in 1955, Tom Howard, comedian, radio’s It Pays To Be Ignorant. Born 06/16/1885, he died at age 69.
Tom Howard cameo
Died this day in 1962, Willie Best (William Best), aka Sleep n' Eat, Sunflower, Mississippi, comic actor, “Charlie” the elevator operator on TV’s My Little Margie. Born 05/27/1916, he died of cancer at age 45.
Willie Best Cameo 2 Willie Best cameo 1

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