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This Day In Comedy: February 04

On: Saturday, February 4, 2017

Born this day in 1928, Dave Ketchum, aka David Ketchum is 88, Quincy, Illinois comic actor, comedian from TV’s Get Smart, Camp Runamuck.
Dave Ketchum  cameo x2
Dave Ketchum - The Long Playing Tongue Of Dave KetchumDave Ketchum Dave cameo 02
David Brenner cameoDavid Brenner - Excuse Me Are You Reading That Paper (4)
david brenner photo cameo 2
david brenner cameo now 2
Born this day in 1936, David Brenner would be 80, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, comedian.
Born this day in 1905, Hylda Baker (Hilda Baker) Farnworth, Lancashire, UK 4'11" English comedy actress. She died 05/01/1986 from bronchial pneumonia at age 81.
W10 87
john shuck cameo 7 john shuck cameo 3
Born this day in 1939, John Schuck (Conrad John Schuck Jr) is 77, Boston, Massachusetts 6' 1/2" comic actor on TV’s McMillan & Wife, Holmes & Yoyo.
Born this day in 1915, Norman Wisdom (Norman Joseph Wisdom) Marylebone, London, England 5'4" comedian, singer-songwriter and actor. He died 10/04/2010 from cancer at age 95.
Norman wisdom cameo 525 2

Norman Wisdom cameo xx 2
Jethro cameo acx2Jethro younger cameo

Died this day in 1989, Kenneth Burns (Kenneth C. Burns) Conasauga, Tennessee Comic, parody singer Jethro of duo Homer & Jethro. Born 03/10/1918, he died from prostate cancer at age 70.

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