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Spinal Tap - Break Like The Wind 1992

On: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spinal Tap
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Christopher Guest
Christopher Haden-Guest
Feb 1948 Mister Christopher Haden-Guest

May 1987 The Honourable Christopher Haden-Guest

April 1996 The Right Honourable The Lord Haden-Guest

Feb 05 1948 -
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Michael McKean
Michael John McKean
Oct 17 1947 -

Harry Shearer

Harry Julius Shearer
Dec 23 1943 -

Has there ever been a rock band more unjustly maligned than Spinal Tap? Accused of everything from heralding the demise of heavy metal to being the very raison d'ĂȘtre for alternative rock, they suffered their greatest indignity at the hands of director Rob Reiner (cowardly hiding behind the moniker Marty DiBergi), whose 1984 "rockumentary," This Is Spinal Tap, muckraked its way through the band's courageous, tragedy-strewn history in service of a few mocking laughs. Reiner/DiBergi even stooped so low as to employ a heartless, mercenary band of Hollywood writer/comedians to burlesque the band's core members--David St. Hubbins (played by mendacious Michael McKean), Nigel Tufnel (callow Christopher Guest), and Derek Smalls (haughty Harry Shearer). But the great ones just won't be denied; Spinal Tap reached deep down in 1992 and let loose with Break Like the Wind, another potent blast of the very stuff that made their legend. Featuring an all-star supporting cast (the title track alone boasts Slash, Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani, and Tufnel look-alike Jeff Beck), the Tap gallantly tried to stem the tide of flannel and tattoos with thundering odes to gender enlightenment ("Bitch School"), mystic quests ("Clam Caravan"), and its own glorious rock-fest legacy ("Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors"). Pop diva Cher and St. Hubbins share a vocal tryst on the uplifting ballad "Just Begin Again," while even Steely Dan's reclusive Walter Becker pens technical notes, praising the album's pioneering use of the Crosley Phase Linear Ionic Induction Voice Processor System. Sadly, they just don't make albums like this anymore. ~J.D. Swift 

01 Bitch School 2:50
02 The Majesty Of Rock 3:55
03 Diva Fever 3:06
04 Just Begin Again 4:53
05 Cash On Delivery 3:03
06 The Sun Never Sweats 4:23
07 Rainy Day Sun 3:42
08 Break Like The Wind 4:35
09 Stinkin' Up The Great Outdoors 2:50
10 Springtime 4:02
11 Clam Caravan 3:37
12 Christmas With The Devil 4:33
13 Now Leaving On Track 13 2:08
14 All The Way Home 2:08
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