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Isaac Air Freight - Over Our Heads 1987

On: Friday, April 12, 2013

Dave Toole, Dan Rupple.  Larry Watt replaced by Mitch Teemley
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In 1987, desiring to move into different areas of ministry, Isaac Air Freight limited their engagements to part-time weekend performances, until 1991 when the hilarious fun of Isaac Air Freight came to a temporary end. From there Dan went into talk radio, then 10 years at CBS Television, followed by 3 years of pastoral ministry. As for Dave, he entered into a career in sales and today has become a successful sales manager for a large printing company in Orange County. Both men have been happily married to their wives for over 25 years and are actively involved with their families. Dan is the father of 3 and Dave the father of 4.
The original group's pioneering comedy is a wonderful memory of the past; but the eternal truths of their sketches are as relevant and true as the day they were first presented.

01 Crazy From Here To Eternity
02 Dan & Dave “live”
03 Lance & Norman At The Drive-in, Part 1
04 Pastor Benozik’s Grief Meter
05 Do’in Lunch With Morris Glitz
06 Sprinklerhead
07 The Bus Ride
08 Stooges Iii And The Lion’s Den
09 Minutes ‘til Showtime
10 Lance & Norman At The Drive-in, Part 2
11 Backstage Mayhem
12 Back For The Future
13 Moses Do Good

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