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Judy Tenuta - Worship Me Pigs (Video) 1991

On: Friday, April 26, 2013

Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta
Nov 07 1956 -

"Petite flower, earth mother goddess, geisha girl, healer of hermaphrodites, and empress of Elvis impersonators" are all words this gum-spitting, male-bashing, and undeniably brilliant comedienne uses to describe herself. Ms. Judy Tenuta's comic stylings border on performance art; she never appears out of character when being interviewed. Tenuta's stage persona is as colorful as the garb she wears on stage (Goddess outfits) while attacking audience members in a fun and feminist fashion. Those two words could end up in the same sentence together? Who knew? During her act, Judy Tenuta can be seen mesmerizing the audience with her accordion and singing wacky songs while attempting to convert all to a religion of her own persuasion: "Judyism." She collects canned goods from the audience, as "offerings for the Goddess," and demands nothing less from her devotees/pigs/stud puppets than complete adoration. Her voice (one of her more notable features, if you make it past the prom dresses) is even comedic as she exaggerates her inflections ranging from sweet-sing-songy-sappy to sounding like a big brass band right outside your window at six a.m. This may be what accounts for such a clear-cut line between Judy Tenuta fans and non-fans. "Ya either love her or ya hate her." ~MTV
Here's a shocker - Judy was married to Emo Philips...

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