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Andrew Dice Clay - Day The Laughter Died 1 (1990) & 2 (1993)

On: Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Clay Silverstein
Sep 29 1957 -
All right, people--I'll be the first to admit Dice is no comic genius. He had a good two-year run, made a feature film (Ford Fairlane) that tanked, p.o.ed a lot of people in the process, and you know what? He's still out there doing it!
The media circus has died down, and while most Diceheads got their kicks from his first album (simply titled "DICE") and the video that came with it ("The Diceman Cometh"), this two-CD tour de force came, saw, conquered, and it'll be back in an hour--get it?
With almost two hours to kill, from start to finish, Dice takes his time with the show, and organically spouts jokes that end up being riotous. By the end, the whole crowd realizes they've been part of something timeless, and 14 years later, this album is still funny as hell.
His act might have gotten stale, but this is THE quintessential Dice album to own. ~Amazon customer

01 First Kiss
02 Holiday Season  

03 The Tree
04 Texas
05 Places to Meet Chicks  
06 The Gift
07 The Divider
08 Personal Delivery Service
09 Female Anatomy
10 Under 2 Minutes

11 Kids
12 Mothers, Daughters & Sisters  

13 1990
14 Jerkin' Off
15 Milk & Shampoo
16 Laughter vs Comedy
17 While The Cats Away...
18 What'll It Be
19 Pizza
20 Concave
21 Frozen Foods
22 The Osmonds
23 Hot Mama
24 Turn-On Words
25 Rhyme Renditions
26 True Stories
27 Automatic Pilot
28 Dogs & Birds
29 Women Comics
30 Cigarettes
31 A History Lesson
32 Judy
33 Mother & Son
34 A+
35 What Did She Say
36 Double Date
37 Multiple Sclerosis
38 How Are Ya
39 Silence is Golden
40 Hour Back...Get It
41 Something Soft

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