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Bert Henry - At the Hungry Thigh 1962

On: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bert Henry
Birth name
Before 1945 - ~2004
Official Site

From time to time, an audience member might hear a comedian mention, “Street Jokes.” The question: What is a street joke?
A street joke (simply put) is a joke that, unlike the material of a true comedian can be told out on the street…for free and by anybody. Examples of this are blonde jokes, Helen Keller and (yes) Chuck Norris jokes.
But all jokes have a source of some sort: a time when they were not told by everybody out on the streets. Consider the following jokes that have now been established, sadly, as street jokes:
“A man in a bar asks another man, ‘Do you like pussy cats?’ to which the man replied, ‘How did you know my name is Katz?’”
Or this:
“A man in an airplane wrote a note for another man, which read: ‘Excuse me, sir. I didn’t want to embarrass you, so I thought I’d write you this note. You’re fly is open and you are completely exposed. P.S. I love you.’”
Now, little does anybody know, but these jokes and many others like it, while they have not faded into obscurity, their author has faded to a memory for the deepest corners of even the oldest comedic minds.  (Bert was in Disneyland and Disney World's Golden Horseshoe Revue for 27 years. ~JimG)

Side 1
01 Nudist Camp Nuts
02 Nervous Tonight
03 Massaging Her Joint
04 Sex Drive
05 Four Letter Words
06 Easy Pickup
07 In Her Pants
08 The First Man
09 Sister Love
10 Sunbathing Nude
11 The Newlyweds
12 First Dessert
13 Premarital Relations
14 The French Maid
15 Cat O' Ninetails
16 Working In A Whore House
17 Come In Young Man
18 Women In Bed
19 The Big Eater
20 No Guilty Feelings
21 The Travelling Prostitute
22 Gambling Blood
23 Peg Leg Bride
24 The Proposition
25 The Senator's Who's Who
26 Time To Teach
27 The Zoo
28 Maternity Ward
29 The Big Stiff
30 On Too Long
31 French Rabbits

Side 2
01 Two In Bed
02 Beat The Band
03 Hawaiian Nurse
04 Sister Act
05 A Tart Is Not A Cake
06 Up Your Bracket
07 The Queer Pickpocket
08 Keep America Moving
09 Convenient Hours
10 The Hot Tip
11The Talking Horse
12 0The Famous Horse Race Broadcast
13 0Unzipped Fly
14 0Passing Wind
15 0Golfing Fun
16 0Expensive Nuts
17 0Expense Account
18 0The Adult Western
19 0Commercials You'll Never Hear
20 The New TV Series
21 Sneaky Bill
22 Lady In Pasadena
23 The Famous Soap Commercial
24 Going Down
25 Nude On A Bed

26 The Sexual Urge
27 Feeling Fanny
28 Sex Survey

Fax Records 3004
Thanks chocolatemilktooth!
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Laszlo said...

This is the first Bert Henry album I have ever heard and it is GREAT! THANKS JIM!

Laszlo said...

Love the cheesecake cover! I'm printing THIS! Woo-Hoo! Thanks Jim!

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