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Pat Cooper - On Location With Pat Cooper Video Soundtrack 1976

On: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pat Cooper
Pasquale Caputo
Brooklyn, New York USA
Jul 31 1929 -

Recorded at Club Bene in South Amboy, New Jersey, Pat takes on the world in this rambunctious hour plus of comedy. He uses his family experiences and his "on the road" moments to give a vivid impression of the world around him. His verbal diatribes are legendary, as are his physical contortions and hand play. ~Anonymous
I bought "On Location With Pat Cooper" because of how much I loved "Pat Cooper, You're Always Yelling" (see my review for "Pat Cooper, You're Always Yelling"). My first impression was that this dvd was more "dated" than "...Yelling". Also, much of Cooper's material on this DVD is also on ..."Yelling" and the little there was that was different on this DVD was really not as funny perhaps because it is so dated. Buy "On Location with Pat Cooper" only if you are a Pat Cooper fan like me who just can't get enough of his extremely funny comedic genius of growing up and being Italian. ~Amazon

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