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Mike Nichols & Elaine May - On Monitor CD 1 - 4 1960s

On: Monday, February 25, 2013

Mike Nichols
Michael Igor Peschkowsky
Nov 06 1931 -
Official Site

Elaine May
Elaine Berlin
aka Esther Dale
Apr 21 1932 -
Official Site

Mike Nichols and Elaine May were a comedy team for a short time – from 1957 through 1962. Their recorded output was tiny – just three LP’s: Improvisations To Music (1959), which, powered by the team’s television appearances, became a ‘top forty’ LP; An Evening With Nichols and May, which contained excerpts from their hit Broadway show of 1960, and their final record, Nichols and May Examine Doctors, from 1961.
Nichols and May were improvisational situation comedians: sophisticated, funny, and cool. They appealed not only to adults, but also to kids. Steve Martin says that each routine was “…like a song – you could listen to it over and over. I used to go to sleep to them at night.”
The ten sketches on the final album, …Examine Doctors, were originally recorded for “the greatest show in network radio history” – Monitor, an NBC extravaganza that ran pretty much the entire weekend, pretty much across the country, from 1955 through 1975. At its peak, the monitor beacon could be heard for forty hours, from 8 a.m. Saturday morning through midnight Sunday. If you’d like to listen to excerpts from Monitor, you’ll need Real Player and Dennis Hart’s Monitor site.
Nichols and May were Monitor regulars for a couple of years. The ten tracks on the …Examine Doctors LP are but a small fraction of their work for Monitor. The rest remains unreleased, which is a shame, because it may well be some of their very best work. See if you agree.. Isnt'LifeTerrible

01 Bringing Home An Elk
02 Dolphins
03 Nobody Here Likes You
04 Game Show Scandals
05 Fritzi, Is That You
06 On The Train Part 1

07 On The Train Part 2
08 Willya Or Woncha
09 Traveling Amalgamated
10 Dating Cynthia
11 On The Train Part 3
12 Professor Cole And Doctor Wasserman
13 I Love Your Work
14 New Year's Resolution
15 Compatible
16 The Rehearsal
17 Osbert Calls Edith
18 Interior Decorator
19 The Art Buyer
20 Air Conditioner Repair

Monitor Sunday afternoon and evening staff in Radio
Central, 1957. From left: Frank Gallop, Lorna Lynn
(Monitor Medley Girl), Dave Garroway, Tedi
Thurman (Miss Monitor), and Ben Grauer.
21 Apartment Agent
22 Hair Or Hat
23 False Teeth
24 Thirsty
25 Halavah Plantation
26 Annoying Seatmate
27 Jack Fagen Interviews Barbara Mush
28 Mrs Fenn Patron Of The Arts
29 Tough To Get Good Help These Days
30 Nichols And May Interview
31 Rca Window Washer
32 At The Movies
33 Tattoo
34 Wonderful News
35 Judo Class
36 Agricultual Independence
37 Politician
38 Artist
39 Spies
40 Buying A Tie
41 Fresh Paint
42 Doing The Bard
43 New Clothing
44 At Camp
45 Moose
46 Sexy Voice
47 Anna Mae Wong
48 The Sealed Bathroom
49 Clothing Malfunction
50 Psychiatrist
51 British Ennui
52 Fern Escapes
53 White House Laundress
54 Keep It Under Your Hat
55 Successful Director
56 The New Baby
57 I Love Lucy
58 Labor And Management
59 You're Snoring
60 Tallest Man In The World
61 Happy Birthday
62 Where's My Sheet
63 Your New Beaver
64 Bringing People Home For Dinner
65 About That Moustache
66 The Sick Mouse
67 Christmas Gift
68 Bad Cough
69 Selective Hearing
70 1200 Frogs
71 American Legionaire
72 David Ben Gurion (Outtake)
73 It's Not Nancy
74 My Chosen Career
75 Taxi To Rockefeller Center

76 Mike And Elaine On Person To Person

* * *
Their other albums on this blog are HERE

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