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Judy Tenuta - A Space Goddessy 2008

On: Monday, February 11, 2013

Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta
Nov 07 1956 -

All of the offensive, politically incorrect material in this album was dictated by the evil voices in Judy Tenuta's head. She has returned to her semi-sweet, sassy self and is ready to mystify her minions of mortal swine.

01 Song: Boss of the Bed
02 Energy Crisis, Calista
03 Outfit: Barbra & Cher
04 Letters: Why No Sitcom?
05 Song: I Can Tell
06 No Fat Pigs in Coach
07 Givers and Takers
08 What Women Want

09 Do Not Take Us Camping
10 Song: Too Small

11 Happily Married, Viacreme
12 Seigfried & Roy
13 Letters & Song: Mass Murderer
14 Michigan & Martha Stewart
15 Clone Sheep & The White House
16 Letter: Straight/Gay Song: Undercover
17 Sassy Bonus Track

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