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Murray Roman - Out Of Control With Murray Roman 1960

On: Saturday, February 9, 2013

Murray Roman
Birth name
New York, USA
Mar 08 1929 – Nov 06 1973 age 44
Official Site 

Out of Control was the first Murray Roman record and his only release pre-dating his position as darling of the acid rockers. Released at a time when even the most failed comedy lounge act put out a wax version of their performance, Roman’s initial record quickly drifted off into a vinyl no-mans-land. The album, unheard by this writer, is hard to come by, but likely resembles the non-drug related musings on ERA Records’ At The Playboy Club Tonight [Jack] Burns and [George] Carlin. In both examples, no one could’ve guessed what was to come based on these vinyl debuts. Out of Control had Roman performing mostly jokes about skiing and other winter activities. It was later re-issued under the title Ski Humor. Following the release of the album, Roman made his first appearance on television, performing innocuous observational humor on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It would be his first and final appearance in front of a Tonight Show audience as the marijuana, LSD and insanity of Johnson and Nixon were about to permanently affect the Roman outlook. Roman’s future employer, Tom Smothers, described what the early Murray Roman act was like. “I saw him perform … nineteen… sixty-one… in Aspen, Colorado and he did ski jokes. Y’know, skiing jokes [and] snow jokes. And I met him there. Aspen became a little bit of a place you’d go and work for nothing … and do comedy or music and work the season up there. I think he only worked one season up there and of course, when you’re there you pick up on what’s going on [around you]. So he did a ski album … I don’t remember hearing that one but I remember him doing a piece of that on our show one time … It wasn’t particularly great.” Steve Martin recalls the subversive Roman doing the bit on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. “There was one [episode] called The Writers’ Show and all the writers appeared… Mason Williams and me and Murray Roman. I remember Tommy kind of playfully kidded him because Murray was a real spokesman for being tough and saying the honest thing. Then on The Writers’ Show, Murray elected to do a ski routine… and Tommy kind of berated him in a friendly way saying, ‘You’re the one who is always saying we should go out there [and push the envelope] and you did like the safest routine possible!” Shock. 
01 Aspen, Colorado 5:33
02 No U Turns 1:56
03 Getting Equipped 3:22
04 First Day 7:10
05 Second Day 2:58
06 Midway On The Lift 6:20
07 Third Day 6:39
08 Coward 5:50
09 Ski-Bum 2:33

Everest LPBR 9005
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