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Proctor & Bergman - Give Us a Break 1978

On: Monday, June 6, 2011

Philip Proctor
aka: Phil Proctor
 Goshen, Indiana USA
Jul 28 1940 -
Philip: Wikipedia
P&B: Wikipedia

Peter Bergman
Peter Paul Bergman
 Cleveland, Ohio USA
Nov 29 1939 - Mar 12 2012 Age 72
Peter: Wikipedia
P&B: Wikipedia 

Proctor and Bergman are the comedians Philip Proctor and Peter Bergman, two of the four members of The Firesign Theatre. The two Midwestern members of the group performed as a double act for a while in the mid-1970s and recorded a few albums, though all four members continued to perform and record together.
In 1977, they were regulars on a summer replacement television series on CBS hosted by the Starland Vocal Band.
The screenplay for the 1979 movie Americathon was an adaptation by others of a play written by Proctor and Bergman.
Source: Wikipedia

01 Hot Rock Radio
02 Carumba
03 Brainduster Memory School
04 Whale Oil
05 U.n. In Session
06 Dr. X
07 Consumer Watchdog
08 Fab Fad Fashions
09 Zbs-Tv
10 Ten-Shun
11 C.b. Course
12 Lemon Car
13 Movie Spots
14 Chef Entree
15 Nukes In The News
16 Flu Song
17 Sweetened History
18 Sat Nite Gun Mart
19 Sneezer's Chicken
20 What Did That Man Say
21 Hot Rock Radio
22 Our National Anthem

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MarcC said...

Love this P & B album! I remember a special they did for PBS, acting out the skits from this. Any chance you can locate a copy of the video? Thanks for all the great stuff!

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