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Mike Warnke - Hey Doc! 1978

On: Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mike Warnke
Michael Alfred Warnke
 Evansville, Indiana USA
Nov 19 1946
    Mike Warnke is a Christian evangelist and comedian. With the success of his books and recordings, Warnke became one of evangelical Christianity's best-known experts on the subject of Satanism before his claims of having been a Satanist high priest were debunked in 1991 by the Christian magazine, Cornerstone.
    In 1982, Warnke began to exaggerate his achievements. During the 1980s, Warnke's claims of academic degrees increased from two Bachelor's degrees to two Master's Degrees to a Doctorate of Philosophy. In The Satan Seller, Warnke claims to have been wounded twice while in Vietnam. In Hitchhiking on Hope Street, he claimed he had been wounded 5 times. Warnke followed up his interest in the Syro-Chaldean tradition and his 1970s ordination as a deacon with a 1983 ordination by independent bishop Richard Morrill, lately of the Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. This ordination allowed Warnke to call himself bishop.
    On May 16, 1985, Warnke appeared in a prime-time news report about Satanism on ABC’s 20/20. In the show's episode titled "The Devil Worshippers", Warnke was included in a number of segments where he discussed the implements and clothing used in Satanic ceremonies, a scar allegedly indicating where he was repeatedly cut so that his blood could be used in Satanic ceremonies, and what drew him to Satanism. After Warnke's appearance on 20/20, he was frequently cited as an expert on the occult by Christian radio host Bob Larson and the Chick Publications stable of authors.
    In the spring of 1993, Warnke submitted to the authority of an assembly of ministers "acting as elders," acknowledging his "ungodliness," his "multiple divorces," his "failure as husband, father, and friend", and of "embellishment and exaggeration ... in an attempt ... to entertain," and offering to pay back taxes to the federal government. The group recommended specific changes to the ministry, including a salary cap and accountability reports. Nonetheless, he continued to "stand by [his] testimony of former Satanic involvement" stating in a 2000 interview with the Daily Oklahoman, "Exaggeration did creep into some of my stories, but my testimony is still my testimony." As of 2006, a letter posted on Warnke's web site indicated the group had released him as having met their accountability requirements.
     In 1997, Warnke suffered a heart attack. In 2000, he began attempting a comeback, limited to small churches in Kentucky. In 2002, he published Friendly Fire: A Recovery Guide for Believers Battered by Religion, an account of what he perceived as his unfair treatment by fellow Christians in the wake of the Cornerstone exposé. By 2004, he was making occasional performing appearances at churches around the country, often referred to simply as "Christian comedian Mike Warnke," and sometimes as a former Satanic priest.
Source: Wikipedia

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