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Jackie Vernon

On: Monday, June 20, 2011

Jackie Vernon was a favorite of mine. I saw him on live TV back in the day. He had a kind of high pitched voice and a Gleason-esque look, shiny/slick hair and was a little on the heavy side. He often carried a trumpet which he played now and then. His delivery was deadpan.  
I clearly remember this bit in which he is showing slides of a recent trip to the Everglades. He had only a clicker, the photos were implied.
[click]   Here's the guide I got. His name was Guido. Very famous guide, in fact he was known as Guido the Guide.
[click] Here's Guido the Guide leading me around a bed of quicksand.
[click]  Here's Guido the Guide from the waist up.
[click]  That's his hat right there.
[click]  Here's the rescue party rushing to his aid.
[click]  Here's the rescue party from the waist up.
[click]  And here we have a lot of hats and ropes and things.
[click]  Here's my next guide, Son of Guido the Guide.

[click] That's his hat... 


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