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Murray Roman - You Can't Beat People Up And Have Them Say 'I Love You' 1968

On: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Murray Roman
Birth name
New York, USA
Mar 08 1929 – Nov 06 1973 age 44
Official Site 

01 Three Kinds of Highs
02 That's a Bust
03 The Banana Thing
04 Anything You Want to Do
05 Good Chicks and Bad Chicks
06 Three Ways to Score
07 The Baja Marimba Band Story
08 The Riots
09 Be There Be There (Of Course)
10 Horror Films
11 Twiggy
12 Try This, Little Joe
13 Good News
14 Join the Navy
15 War Films
16 The Real Enemy


Tetragrammation Records 101
Thanks daddio52!
His other material on this blog is HERE

3 comments on "Murray Roman - You Can't Beat People Up And Have Them Say 'I Love You' 1968"

Anonymous said...

full details on the history of murray roman and his contemporaries by kliph nestoroff HERE:

thanks for the good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Actually, this is not Canadian but rather was recorded in the United States ... It was released in 1968 and not 1969 ... I know because I had the album when it first came out ;-)

JimG said...

Right on both counts = thanks! JimG

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