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On: Thursday, October 28, 2010

You've no doubt noticed that a prankster has embedded "You Might Like" links after some posts. Yes, many lead to gay blogs. I can hardly suppress my excitement that a homophobic bonehead (chuckles) has targeted this lowly (and I might add private) blog.

So it seems one of our 110 readers is a mole. The rare Molahomaphobe. I guess we should be grateful. Perhaps some of our readers can find some happiness in these other blogs. Let me know!

5 comments on "Prankster"

Rich said...

Snotty thing to do on a private blog. I think most of us appreciate what you do far too much to mess with it....

Chocolate Milktooth said...

Ironically, the Pat Buttram doesn't have those links.

Adam said...

Good one, Milktooth (loved you on Emergency!, by the way). It's just too bad that Dick Butkus never did a comedy album.

Laszlo said...

I agree with Rich and appreciate what you do far, far too much to fuck with your site. Keep up the good work Jim, it is appreciated!

Jeremy said...

That sucks. I feel bad because I haven't had much time to contribute. I hope to be organized soon and share the comic wealth.

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