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People I'd like to thank in person #2

On: Friday, October 8, 2010

Here are more of the people I'd like to meet, in person, in a small room somewhere, to thank them for their contributions to today's society. I'd like to meet:

The boneheads who decided that they could charge more than $5.00 for a good pizza. Or more than 25 cents for a 12 ounce soda.

The numb-nuts who started charging $5.00 for a cup of 25 cent coffee. Bonus points to the dummies who buy them. 

The stinking rat-ass shithead piss-heads who started charging anything over 8% on credit cards while we get 2% on savings.

the conniving creep who started charging luggage fees (also gets the sneaky bastard award)

the medical insurance criminals who decided that the act of drawing blood is "surgery" and the charge should be $28

the greedy bastards who own stores large enough to be prefixed with "super-" or suffixed with "mart" or "depot", driving all the local businesses out of business. 

the profiling cop who fabricates a reason to stop a car (e.g. changing lanes too frequently) so he can roust someone (I like cops, we need cops, just not those who are adrenaline or power freaks)

the slimebag who approved making commercials for lawyers which are almost universally condescending, target the elderly, and star the ego-shitsical lawyer him/herself.

the drug company exec who started making commercials for drugs YOU have to ask your DOCTOR for, for manufactured illnesses, like "restless leg syndrome".

To President Grant for letting that first guy in the lobby of the Willard Hotel in Washington, allowing the British tradition of "lobbying" to take hold in the US. Knuckleheads.

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