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Burns & Schreiber - Pure BS 1973

On: Saturday, October 9, 2010

01 Dial-A-Friend
02 Youth Wants To Know
03 The Faith Healer, Part 1 Holey Moley
04 The Faith Healer, Part 2 First Phone Call
05 The Faith Healer, Part 3 Giant Communist Frogs
06 The Faith Healer, Part 4 Second Phone Call
07 The Man From P.R.O.D.
08 Family Reunion
09 Booze
10 The Cab Driver

Pure BS   



1 comments on "Burns & Schreiber - Pure BS 1973"

Richard Berger said...

An album that was hysterically funny when first released, and one that remains damned funny decades later. Much of the humor is derived from the brilliant timing utilized by the Burns & Schreiber team. Although they did variations on the taxicab exchange here, this is among the best.

A great album that most anyone can enjoy, despite the inevitable fact that some of the references have become outdated.

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