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Norm Crosby strikes again: Silver and Magic Bullets

On: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last night I saw some scholarly gent on TV talking about targeting and fixing some giant problem using a Silver Bullet.  It was another bi-malapropism-istic  error that made me cringe (yeah, that's a word, I just coined it.) So let's nail this one down:

Silver Bullet - used by the Lone Ranger and werewolf killers. Sometimes for vampires, too.

Magic Bullet - something that could kill disease causing organisms without harming the person that they are infecting. Think Erlich, Lister, Pasteur, tuberculosis, syphillis, moldy bread and penicillin.

Silver Bullets, cowboys, werewolfs.
Magic Bullets: fix something while implying a one-off use.
Please commit these to memory and use them properly!

By the way: when the hell did "one-off" creep into our language? When I was working my tech job someone threw the phrase out, everyone nodded their heads, and it took me a couple of weeks to find out what it meant.  I thought I knew everything but worked with some brainy types who liked to make you think they were better educated/informed/connected than you were. Anyway, it means "make only one." But I guess you already knew that 'cause you are better than me.

2 comments on "Norm Crosby strikes again: Silver and Magic Bullets"

Dreemfinder said...

Did you mean "better THAN me"? That's the trouble with being (as I am) a stickler for grammar & spelling... you must then become a ruthless proof-reader of your own stuff.

JimG said...

Oh crap. It was a typo.
THANK YOU. I don't need to look any more stupid than I already look.
I guess bimalapropismistic flipped you out!
Drop me a line any time I make typos or grammar and spelling errors.

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