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Moms Mabley - Moms Mabley Sings 1969

On: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moms Mabley
Loretta Mary Aiken
aka Jackie Mabley
Brevard, North Carolina, USA
Mar 19 1894 – May 23 1975 age 81

01 Twisting And Turning At The White House
02 Moms Medley
03 Moms Dreams
04 Everything's Going To Be All Right
05 Don't Take Your Love From Me
06 She's Funny That Way
07 At The End Of The Road
08 School Days
09 Mean To Me (Old Man's Theme)
10 Put It Back
11 Moms Unchained Melody
12 Can't Help Loving Dat Man
13 You Reap Just What You Sow


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Media Funhouse said...

Interesting compilation of the best of Moms from a collector. Nice grouping of her rather scratchy singing.


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