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Important Message

On: Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Jim,
I am hoping I can use your blog to voice my concern about something very troubling, and dangerous, that I heard about on the radio just today.
Apparently very soon someone will be visiting our homes, yours and mine, and will take something very near and dear to each of us. They will rob us of our vision, and our ability to feel the comfort provided by that which we call home, and after they leave we will not be able to hear danger approaching in quite the same way. They will come into our home, our private sanctuary, and rob us of our taste for life. We will no longer be able to enjoy the aroma, the comfort of that first cup of coffee of the new day, or fragrant roses in our gardens. These are the things that make us able to function in life. Indeed, these "senses takers" will take all this and more from us unless we . . . 
Pardon me? Oh... 
I would like to announce that this is the year the government will take the latest census. That knock on the door will be a "census taker".
Never Mind!!
E. L.

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