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File storage

On: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You probably saw the poll results - about 2/3 of those who responded would like to continue having the 2nd link, the S-h-a-r-e-b-e-e link. I will continue to make S-h-a-r-e-bee links available.
{Private thought balloon} Of course, they may lead to a Hare Krishna site so those buggers should use them at their own risk. I remember seeing those Hare Krishna folks on street corners when I was a teenager. They always chanted especially for me, indeed right at me, and even invited me to dance with them more than once. Perhaps they knew I was a sinner, perhaps they knew I was high and they were trying to FREAK ME OUT. Or perhaps it was my clothes, I was into robes, or my bald head. Maybe it was my finger tambourines.  Anyway, I would straight-arm the closest one and head for the head shop to get my strawberry incense and "tobacco papers."
Anyway, I will continue to submit links to r-a-p-i-d-s-h-a-r-e, I do have a premium account, the files are setup as "trafficshare" files (they will immediately download for you even if you don't have an account.) I regularly refresh my r-a-p-i-d-s-h-a-r-e files - I run a report which indicates which files have not been downloaded for a long time, and download them once to start the 60 day expiration timer over again.)
I will be investigating which service holds their inactive files longer and may make a service change this year. Anyone with experience one way or the other let me know. It's a pet peeve of mine - I hate visiting sites with long expired links, like a catholic school girl, friggin' teases!
I've been looking into getting a widget which will indicate on the posts which links are dead - right in the post. I found a couple of standalone apps which will tell you the same, and a few are pretty neat. But I think I would prefer the "dead link" comment right in the post.  Anyway - if you've got a gadget or widget or whozit that does that drop me a line.

I am sorry if I offended anyone in the group who is or plans to be a member of Hare Krishna. I also apologize to those who were spiritually involved in a former incarnation. And no, I am not bald.


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