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Soupy Sales - Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh Blaa-Oh 2001

On: Friday, October 23, 2009

Soupy Sales
Milton Supman
Franklinton, North Carolina, USA
Jan 08 1926 – Oct 22 2009 age 73
Rest In Peace Soupy*
*Can I have my "green paper" back now?

01 Soupy's Theme
02 A Singer Without a Song
03 Soupy's Song
04 Hippy's Cha Cha Hips
05 Because of the Black Tooth
06 Pookie the Toreador
07 White Fang
08 Pie in the Face
09 Soupy Wails
10 The Soupy Shuffle
11 Soupy Sez
12 Finale
13 It's Fun to Be Funny
14 Don't Kiss
15 Pookie, King of the Jungle
16 Doggone Doggie
17 You're a Star
18 Pookie the Pirate
19 Hip-Shootin' Hippy
20 Faithful Man Friday
21 The Ballad of Johnny Jordan
22 My Best Friend
23 My Baby's Got a Crush on Frankenstein
24 An Oscar for Me
25 Sukiyaki in the Face
26 What Do You Know
27 Soupy's Theme [Single Version]
28 And That's a Shame
29 Hilly Billy Ding Dong Choo Choo
30 Santa Claus Is Surfin' to Town
31 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [instrumental]


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