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Martin Mull - Days Of Wine & Neuroses 1975

On: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

01 Call Me Up
02 Laundromat Blues
03 Jesus Is Easy
04 Noses Run In My Family
05 Just Tonight
06 Thousands Of Girls
07 Do The Dog
08 Show Me Yours (I'll Show You Mine)
09 My Own Review
10 Nurse
11 Just A Dream

1 comments on "Martin Mull - Days Of Wine & Neuroses 1975"

Media Funhouse said...

I love this LP so much. This and the first self-titled album were my introductions to Martin, after seeing (and having my kid mind warped by) his "Soundstage" show with Flo and Eddie (if anyone has a copy of that, I'm very, very open to trades). The songs are actually terrific and have stuck in my head now for 30 years.

Benny Orr, later of the Cars, is in Martin's band.


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