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Marc London - President Strikes Back! 1963

On: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

01 The Cabinet Maker
02 Cuber
03 The President Strikes Back
04 The Theatrical Agent
05 The Press Conference
06 Face To Face
07 International Competition
08 The Taxi Ride
09 Fan Mail
10 The TV Commercial
11 The UN Meeting
12 A Typical Day At The White House
13 Big Men

1 comments on "Marc London - President Strikes Back! 1963"

Media Funhouse said...

Wow, what a bizarre rarity. Guy makes a record impersonating Kennedy, commenting on the hit record of a guy impersonating Kennedy. They don't come more "meta" (or doomed to a bizarre failure) than this one. The voices are good, but what was he thinking?

I guess the only thing to say is to paraphrase Lenny: "Poor Marc London." A slice of history. Thanks!


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