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Allan Sherman - My Son, The Box 2005

On: Monday, October 26, 2009

Allan Sherman
Allan Copelon
Nov 30 1924 – Nov 20 1973 age 48

001 Jack Benny Introduction
002 The Ballad Of Harry Lewis
003 Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max
004 Sir Greenbaum's Madrigal
005 My Zelda
006 The Streets Of Miami
007 Sarah Jackman [with Christine Nelson]
008 Jump Down, Spin Around (Pick A Dress O' Cotton)
009 Seltzer Boy
010 Oh Boy
011 Shticks And Stones
012 My Fair Lady Scene I (Outside The National Theatre, 2nd Ave., New York)
013 My Fair Lady Wouldn't It Be Lovely
014 My Fair Lady Scene II (At The C & L Delicatessen, 76th St. & Broadway)
015 My Fair Lady With A Little Bit Of Lox
016 My Fair Lady Scene III (At Grossinger's)
017 My Fair Lady On The Streets Where We Live
018 My Fair Lady Scene IV (At His Home)
019 My Fair Lady I Got The Customers To Face
020 My Fair Lady Scene V (In The Candy Store)
021 My Fair Lady Get Me To The Temple On Time
022 Al 'n Yetta
023 Medley (Barry Is The Baby's Name & Horowitz & Get On The Garden Freeway)
024 Mexican Hat Dance
025 The Bronx Bird Watcher
026 The Let's All Call Up A. T. &.T. And Protest To The President March
027 Harvey And Sheila
028 Won't You Come Home, Disraeli
029 No One's Perfect
030 When I Was A Lad
031 Me
032 Shticks Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other
033 Chopped Liver
034 Smart Ass
035 You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie
036 Automation
037 I See Bones
038 Hungarian Goulash No. 5
039 Headaches
040 Here's To The Crabgrass [with Jacqueline Ward]
041 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! (A Letter From Camp)
042 One Hippopotami
043 Ratt Fink
044 You're Getting To Be A Rabbit With Me
045 Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue
046 Hail To Thee, Fat Person
047 Sue Me [with Debbie Reynolds]
048 The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas [Unedited Single Version]
049 Skin
050 Lotsa Luck
051 Green Stamps
052 Holiday For States
053 You Need An Analyst
054 The Drop-Outs March
055 I Can't Dance [with Debbie Bush]
056 Night And Day (with punctuation marks)
057 Little Butterball
058 Good Advice
059 My Son, The Vampire [single]
060 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) [New 1964 Version]
061 Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb
062 Your Mother's Here To Stay
063 Pills
064 Shine On, Harvey Bloom
065 J. C. Cohen
066 Pop Hates The Beatles
067 Beautiful Teamsters
068 Kiss Of Myer
069 America's A Nice Italian Name
070 The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas [Edited (LP) Version]
071 Bye Bye Blumberg
072 It's A Most Unusual Play
073 The Large Dark Aardvark Song
074 That Old Back Scratcher
075 Call Me
076 Peyton Place, U.S.A.
077 The Drinking Man's Diet
078 Secret Code
079 The Painless Dentist Song
080 Chim Chim Cheree
081 Go To Sleep, Paul Revere!
082 An Average Song
083 When I'm In The Mood For Love (You're In The Mood For Herring)
084 Overweight People
085 Crazy Downtown [Extended Version]
086 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) [New 1964 Version] (Alternate Version)
087 Where Do You Come From Tex
088 Between 18th & 19th On Chestnut Street
089 Christmas '65 (Draft Cards)
090 How Van Nuys Got It's Name
091 Introduction; Short Songs (Hello Muddah, Nevada Style; A Song Written By Elizabeth Taylor)
092 Taking Lessons
093 A Waste Of Money
094 Smog Gets In Your Eyes
095 Scotch And-Or Water
096 Sorry 'Bout That
097 The Learner's Brassiere
098 Mononeucleosis
099 In Which I Finally Admit That I Won World War II Single-Handed
100 Dodgin' The Draft
101 The Rebel
102 Warning To Those Who Have A Low Threshold Of Sex
103 When I'm In The Mood For Love (You're In The Mood For Herring)
104 Second Hand Nose
105 A Few Words About Chinese New Year
106 Sam You Made The Pants Too Long
107 If I Could Play Piano
108 Son Of Peyton Place
109 His Own Little Island
110 Odd Ball [Single Version]
111 His Own Little Island [Single Version]
112 Makin' Coffee
113 Vending Machines
114 There Are Cups
115 That's How The Change Is Made
116 The Wonderful Tree In The Forrest
117 Scott Cups
118 Westchester Hadassah
119 Strange Things In My Soup
120 Turn Back The Clock
121 Signs
122 Down The Drain
123 Plan Ahead
124 Togetherness
125 Spanish Flea
126 My Aunt Minnie
127 If I Were A Tishman
128 There's No Governor Like Our New Governor
129 Dum Dum Song
130 Somewhere
131 Westchester Hadassah [Alternate Version]
132 Turn Back The Clock [Takes 1 & 2]
133 Down The Drain [Take 1]
134 Plan Ahead [Take 1]
135 Togetherness [Alternate Version]
136 Spanish Flea [Alternate Version]
137 If I Were A Tishman [Alternate Version]
138 There's No Governor Like Our New Governer [Takes 2 & 3]
139 Introduction
140 Encron Is A Brand New Fiber
141 Put Them All Together, They Spell Encron
142 There's A Fiber Called Encron
143 Encron Alive, Alive-O
144 Encron's The Name
145 Why They Call It Encron
146 Encron, Encron
147 Encron Is A Great New Fiber
148 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) [Live Version]

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Media Funhouse said...

I do believe Christmas came early on this blog. I have a bunch of the Sherman vinyl, but never got the many oddities on here! Thanks.

Media Funhouse said...

This was indeed an awesome listen, thanks so much. I realized they left out only one album: "Peter and the Commissar." Assume they couldn't get the rights or something. Those last hard-to-find LPs are pretty great; wish they hadn't ended on the "live and inebriated" note, that was a little jarring. Thanks!

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