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Mantan Moreland & Livingood - That Ain't My Finger 1971

On: Friday, July 29, 2016

Mantan Moreland
aka  Mantan E Moreland
aka Man Tan Moreland
aka Manton Moreland
aka Moreland
Sep 03 1902 - Sep 28 1973 age 71

Roosevelt Livingood
Birth Name 
Birth Place

This famed 1930s and 40s actor and comedian from Louisiana has a weathered voice, a raunchy sense of humor, and an impeccable delivery that combine to put an audience in stitches. In this collection of live, vintage (though surprisingly clear) comedy recordings, Moreland executes his most famous bits including "French Girl" (the punchline of which Beastie Boys fans might recognize from the album Ill Communication), "Cuban Ballplayer", and the incomplete sentences sequence "Sick Man" with sidekick Roosevelt Livingood. Though this is comedy from a different generation (Moreland died in 1973), if the African-American entertainer had been born in a later, less discriminatory time, he probably would have gotten prime billing in Hollywood rather than just supporting actor credits.

01 The Party's Gettin' Rough
02 Hot Water
03 Cockroach Taking Alka Seltzer
04 Look At The Cuban Run
05 Interruptions
06 1st Thing In The Morning
07 That Ain't My Finger
08 Happy Young Man From Chicago
09 Short Legged Broad
10 I'll Wash It Fast As I Wanna
11 Castor Oil
12 Castro
13 To Be Sure
14 $500 Trick
15 Bad Luck
16 This Ain't Your Day
17 A Good Piece
18 Take A Pea
19 Interruptions
20 Thank You
21 Mother And Father Fighting
22 That's My Foot
23 Six Feet In Bed
24 Pass The Black Bass
25 Bed Bugs
26 Prettiest Stomach In The World
27 Suckin' My Finger
28 Stop The Bus
29 20 Into 80 

Laff A-140
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