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Jim Cato - Cavier And Chitlins 1973

On: Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jim Cato
James Cato
May have died in 1996 
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The law of opposites is meat and potatoes to Jim Cato. It's love and hate, tears and laughter, black and white and Caviar and Chit'lins. In his humorous philosophy it's opposites that make the world go round. Cool and quiet, he sneaks up on your funny bone, tickles your intellect, and slides into bed with your mistress to tickle her fancy. His face is all innocence, his eyes bright, clear and honest as he delivers the underhanded lie that blows your mind and slips the barb of humor deftly under your rib. All with never a flinch of those window shade eyes, or a twitch of the expansive Jerry Colonna moustache. Only at the ensuing laugh explosion from the audience will he occasionally raise an eyebrow.
Redd Foxx, probably the world's greatest comic, put Jim to work at his first job in Hollywood. Slappy White gave him his start in show business and has seen him through the times of Chit'lins to the Caviar of today. Rosey Grier Introduced Cat on his television show. The Hollywood Playboy Club, the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, Sand Diego to New York City, and his native Detroit have been variously convulsed with laughter by this master mirth maker. Whether at a banquet for beauticians or a dinner show for undertakers, convention program chairman always seek the comedy services of Jim Cato.
Bill Lane, Nationally syndicated columnist tells this story:  "There was the time Cato went to a ball game. He was a guest of a newspaper sportswriter, Brad Pye, Jr., in the press box at Anaheim Stadium, the home park of the California Angels. The press box is located right next to the private box of Angels owner Gene Autry, who, as a matter of note, is a good friend of Jim Cato. Suddenly and somehow, the voice of the stadium announcer boomed over the loudspeakers that Angels owner Autry was at the game.  Floodlights quickly swept on the owner's box seat, splashing over the press box. No Autry. But there was Jim Cato, wearing a ten-gallon Stetson hat, an apparel trademark of Gene Autry. As the crowded stadium shook with applause, Jim Cato stood up, doffed his Stetson, and bowed, getting the laugh as always." ~back cover


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