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Richard & Willie - Low-down And Dirty 1969

On: Monday, June 2, 2014

Richard Sandfield
Birth Name
aka Richard Stanfield
Richard Sanfield
1937 -
Official Site

Richard (Stanfield) was an ex-marine who saw a ventriloquist in a nightclub (in 1967) and decided to give it a try. As "Richard and Willie" he recorded 12 records.
He worked at the Apollo Theater and many other venues with artists such as Richard Pryor (whom he put out an album with), "Cannonball" Adderley and Roberta Flack. Stanfield retired Richard and Willie in 1992. ~mrweirdandwacky

01 Down South
02 Smoking Pot
03 Singular & Plural
04 Chasing Women
05 Women's Playground
06 Take What You Want
07 Fall-Out
08 Heart Transplant
09 My Girl
10 Dicktheria
11 On The Couch
12 The Cathedral
13 The Sex Party

01 Jolly Green Giant
02 Eating Peaches
03 Biting Tits
04 Suckers Suits
05 Splitting A Girl In Half
06 Sex For Headaches
07 Free Love
08 The Hard One
09 Falling Leaves
10 My Worm
11 Good Lookin' Waitress
12 Lookin' At Business
13 The Biggest Posse

Dooto Records ‎– DTL 842
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