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Pigmeat Markham - Crap-Shootin' Rev 1972

On: Friday, June 13, 2014

Pigmeat Markham
Dewey Markham
aka David Pigmeat Markham
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Apr 18 1904 – Dec 13 1981 age 77
Official Website

I first heard Pigmeat Markham on the weekly radio show, Blues Before Sunrise on 90.0 FM in Chicago. I didn't realize he did Here comes the Judge, back in the 60's. Some might shy away from it in fear of being racist, but I love the history of the blues which includes the variety shows and stand-up comedy of the Black theaters. If you love Moms Mabley, Amos and Andy and Redd Foxx you'll love Pigmeat and his buddy, Seal. Trouble seemed to find Pig wherever he was. Tune into Blues before sunrise if you want to sample his work. The show runs from midnight Saturday until 5 am Sunday. The DJ, Steve Cushing always runs Pigmeat around 1:20am. What I've found out about Pig is that he was around a lot longer than I knew. He had a hard life but I would have loved to have met him once in my life. I've also seen a few videos on Youtube of his work. Keep in mind, it was a dark time in race relations and the language isn't always clean and the humor is the same. He made a living and gave life his best. This CD was probably in the later years but it's a riot. ~Amazon

01 Introduction
02 Your Wife Is Dirty
03 The Crap-Shootin' Rev
04 The Peeping Tom
05 Indian Time
06 Preachin' the Blues
07 The Double Crosser
08 Signifying Baby Seal



Jewel Records
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