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Carl Hurley - Laughing Matters 2002

On: Saturday, June 7, 2014

Carl Hurley
aka: Carl Hurley, Ed.D
Laurel County, Kentucky USA
1941 -

01 My Thong Swim Suit  4:52
02 Don't Let the Government Tax Fat  6:06
03 Humor from My Wife  6:41
04 Laugh At Yourself, The 'Jingle Bell' Funeral 5:40
05 Humor Helps Us With Change  3:17
06 Taking Piano Lessons, Attending the Symphony, Eldean Plays the Cello 6:10
07 I Love To Go Back Home  2:21
08 Computers Are Way Too Smart 4:23
09 Cell Phones, New Pants and Telemarketers  6:44
10 I Got A Naughty Streak,  What People Do and Say 8:39

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