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Justin Wilson - I Gawr-On-Tee 1965

On: Thursday, October 25, 2012

Justin Wilson
Justin E. Wilson
Apr 24 1914 - Sep 05 2001 age 87(2001-09-05)(1914-04-24) -

Justin Wilson didn't set out to make his mark in public life as a comedian. In fact, he referred to himself as a "humorist." Being a comedian is just a way to make a living. Being a humorist is a lifestyle. It's true. Justin could find something funny in just about anything. Over the years, that fact kept him busy as a book writer, human relations instructor, after-dinner speaker, political activist and TV chef until his death in 2001. So, treat yourself to a rare spectacle and join Justin Wilson as he recalls some of his most humorous adventures shared with his colorful Cajun friends of Louisiana

01 Cajuns in a Cemetery
02 The Boy who Didn't Talk
03 The "Yet" Story
04 The Banker on a Duck Shoot
05 The Milk Story
06 What is a Cajun?
07 A Trip to Iota
08 A Cajun Buys a Bird Dog
09 The Two Drunks
10 A Cajun in the Army
11 The Plane from Atlanta
12 The Crawfish Story
13 Two Cajun Oil Workers
14 Little Boys in Church
15 The Cajun and the Manicurist
16 Group Insurance
17 Cajun Crossing the Bayou

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