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Bob Newhart - Something Like This, The Bob Newhart Anthology 1960

On: Friday, October 5, 2012

Bob Newhart
George Robert Newhart
Sep 05 1929 -

01 Abe Lincoln Vs Madison Avenue
02 The Cruise Of The USS Codfish
03 The Wright Brothers
04 Driving Instructor
05 Grace L Ferguson Airline
06 Bus Drivers School
07 Retirement Party
08 Ledge Psychology
09 Rocket Scientist
10 The Uncle Freddie Show
11 Introducing Tobacco
12 The Siamese Cat
13 Defusing A Bomb
14 A Friend With A Dog
15 The Expectant Father
16 On Poodles And Planes
17 The Man Who Looked Like Hitler
18 King Kong
19 Returning A Gift
20 Buying A House
21 Ben Franklin In Analysis
22 Daddy Of All Hangovers
23 On Trains And Planes
24 Modern Witch Doctor

2 comments on "Bob Newhart - Something Like This, The Bob Newhart Anthology 1960"

Anonymous said...

Glad to have the site back. But the last time I checked, this 2-CD set was still in print.

JimG said...

In print. Removed.

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