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Bob & Ray - New! Improved! Bob & Ray 1986 (Audiobook)

On: Thursday, October 11, 2012

Robert Brackett Elliott
Mar 26 1923 - (1923-03-26)

Raymond Walter Goulding
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Mar 20 1922 – Mar 24 1990 age 68

Bob and Ray's whimsically ridiculous dialogues and subtly satirical glances at the world have regaled audiences for fifty years -- on local and network radio and television, in movies and commercials, on Broadway and at Carnegie Hall, and in three delightful books. In an exclusive performance of skits from their third book, these beloved humorists take you into their world of restrained craziness and of gentle and relentless satire.  -Amazon
Bob and Ray begin their comic routines on a deceptively low key, gradually accelerating to blissfully dizzy heights and finally leaving their audience howling. -The New York Times
Bob and Ray weave satire, non sequiturs, wordplay and elegant wit into brilliant comedy. -Washington Post
If you're looking for laughter, you can't go wrong with this delightful visit with Bob and Ray, among the funniest men ever on radio. Their crazy satire holds up today and will definitely please the current generation. Excellent 2-1/2 hour trip to the unique world of a legendary comedy pair. -Union Leader

01 Intro & Bulletin I
02 Welcome & Ballou-W-W-Q-L-C-W
03 The Word Wizard
04 The Gathering Dusk
05 You And Your Symptoms
06 Hard Luck Stories
07 Lupis Bartlow Counselor-At-Law
08 Bulletin II
09 Our Song
10 Wall Street On Parade
11 Stretching Your Dollars
12 Dais Builder
13 Presidential Hopeful
14 Consumer Affairs
15 Bulletin III
16 Garish Summit I

17 Ward Stuffer Book Critic
18 Search For Togetherness
19 Down The Byways With Farley Girard
20 Amnesia
21 Music Contest
22 Bulletin IV
23 Vanishing Animals
24 The Hobby Hut
25 Bob & Ray Overstocked Warehouse
26 Fern Ock Veek
27 Speaking Of Names
28 Bulletin V
29 Chatting With Chesny
30 Feature Story Follow-Ups
31 The Financial Advisor
32 Happy Birthday Ken Vose
33 Planning Your Vacation
34 Bulletin VI
35 Garish Summit II
36 Bulletin VII
37 Monongahela Metal Foundry
38 Captain Pediatrician
39 Bulletin VIII
40 You And Your Income Tax
41 The Question Man
42 Tippy The Wonder Dog
43 Election Editorial
44 Voting Booths
45 Bulletin X & Close

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