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John Valby - Sit On A Happy Face 1982

On: Monday, October 1, 2012

John Valby
John Valby
Staten Island, New York USA
Nov 22 1944 -
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This recording was done over 25 years ago and is considered by Dr. Dirty fans to be his best.

01 Philosophical Bullshit
02 Stroking Off in Silence
03 Do-Wah-Diddy
04 When I Slipped Out
05 I am Pussy
06 GangBang (2)
07 Revenge of Big Ass Lil
08 Sit on a Happy Face
09 Fucking USA
10 Hey Lade
11 Niggers in the Night
12 Irish Assholes
13 Pounding Your Pud
14 Glory, Glory
15 Was it You?
16 Public Hair
17 Carolina
18 American Poem

Gembasch Records GB633

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