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Rest In Peace, Sweet Pea

On: Thursday, February 10, 2011

Peanut was a 13 year old Ocicat, a genuine sweetheart. He passed on last night and is already sorely missed.
Every single post on this blog was created with my close companion "on hand."

7 comments on "Rest In Peace, Sweet Pea"

neal t said...

our condolences. best thing to do get new cat!

Rich said...

I've been through this many times, so I know what you're going through. Our thanks to Peanut for inspiring you to do what you do.

JimG said...

As it often habits with pets, Peanut picked me. I went to a breeder and he was the kitten who remained when the others lost interest.
His most endearing quality was that he relentlessly adored me, filling a need that this single father needed over some tough years.
Thanks for the kind words.

czell said...

Oh, Jim, I'm so sorry.

JimG said...

Peanut always wanted to be in close contact. When I was laying down, he was on my chest and I felt his breath on my cheek, an a little lick now and then. His whiskers tickled me awake often.
At a table, he was in front of me with his head under my chin, leaning his head back for a kiss. While sitting, he climbed onto my chest with his face touching mine and laid there for hours. If I started to get up, he put his paws around my neck like a child, along for the ride. He cried at the door when I left and when I came home.
He was playing with me in the morning, a rubber band was his favorite toy. In the afternoon he cried in pain, so a trip to the vet and a tumor discovered. There overnight, away for the first time, he died. Damning myself for not being there with him at the end.
Sorry for the maudlin thoughts, us old guys hold our little friends very dear.

Rich said...

They're all special, but some are more special than others. Right, Jim?

JimG said...

Right, Rich. We had a special bond, similar to what I have with my sons. Hard to describe to an non-animal lover. A non-verbal link.

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