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Cheech & Chong - Live At The Main Point 1973

On: Monday, February 14, 2011

Richard Anthony Marin
Los Angeles, California USA
Jul 13 1946 -

Thomas B Kin Chong
May 24 1938 -

01 Introduction
02 Ashley Roachclip (Legalization Of Marijuana)
03 Let's Make A Dope Deal (Bob Bitchin')
04 UnAmerican Bandstand (Laidback Lenny, intro)
05 'The First Time I Seen 'Er' (Red Neck)
06 Dance Contest Winner (Manny Macoso)
07 DJ ''Right-On' Washington (intro)
08 ''Going Downtown'' (Blind Melon Chitlin')
09 Preparation H Commercial (Chester Higgins)
10 Aunt Bolita
11 Drugs & Druggies
12 Vietnam
13 Philadelphia
14 Grumpy Old Man Feeding The Pigeons
15 Grumpy Old Man And Chicano Hoodlum
16 Announcing A New Album
17 The Astronaut (Cheech)
18 Polish Jokes, etc
19 Ralph And Herbie

Live At The Main Point   

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