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About those party albums...

On: Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've posted a few vintage "party albums", and have a few more on the way for you. While not quite standup material, and not quite parody or Allan Sherman-esque, there is some humor to be gleaned from this material which is, like everything we have here, "dated."
So enjoy a glimpse into what was considered risque during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.


2 comments on "About those party albums..."

Adam said...

As a young boy in the 70's I listened to every comedy album I could get my hands on, whatever the era, however blue the material. Some of the party albums were among my favorites. I even have one I got signed to me personally by Slappy White. Part of what I love about this site is that I can listen to them as an adult (if, in fact, I am one), and finally get the jokes!

JimG said...

My sentiments exactly. I didn't get why Belle Barth was risque, I only knew that she was funny because the audience on the album laughed. As for Allan Sherman, he just sang funny songs about funny people. I didn't know there was a Jewish theme to them - for that matter I didn't know there were "Jewish people" at all until I was going into high school. Everyone was Catholic and White and a Democrat, weren't they? I thought Protestants were a third political party (true!)

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