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Franklyn Ajaye - I'm A Comedian Seriously 1974

On: Saturday, September 18, 2010

Franklyn Ajaye
(rhymes with uh-lie')
Franklyn Ajaye
aka Franklin Ajaye
aka The Jazz Comedian
May 13 1949-
Official Site

Side 1
01  Working In Men's Clothing Store
  a Homosexuals
  b Girls WIth Big Breasts
  c Female Customers
  d Black / White Customers
  e Talking About Customers
  f Caught In Zipper
02  College
  a Rolling Joints
  b TrĂ©s
  c Parties
  d Swahili Lessons
  e Intimidating White Students
  f Hippie Professors
  g True / False Tests
03  Law School
  a Morris And Howard
  b Security Guard Girls Dorm
04  New York City
  a Street Crime
  b Ain't Got Shit Clothes
  c Uncle Johnny
  d The Bitter End

Side 2 Being A Comedian
05  Traveling
  a Chicano Pilot
  b The South
  c Hotels
  d Hugh Masekela

  e James Brown
  f Bobby Blue Bland
  g Black Audiences
06  Movies
  a Don Juan
  b Movie Ad
  c Shaft
  d Hit
  e Actors As Singers
  f Sidney Poitier
  g Billy Jack
  h The Exorcist
07  Religion
  a Minority Program
  b Friend In Seminary
  c Jesus Freaks
  d Funerals
08  Television
  a Kung Fu
  b Father Knows Best
  c Leave It To Beaver
  d Tide
  e Ring Around The Collar
  f Goodyear Bra     



A&M Records ‎– SP-3642
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Plaid Pants And Psychopaths 1986

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