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Soupy Sales - Still Soupy After All These Years 1981

On: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soupy Sales
Milton Supman
Franklinton, North Carolina, USA
Jan 08 1926 – Oct 22 2009

01 So You Don't Like Cats
02 Pachalafaka
03 White Fang In Chicago
04 Words Of Wisdom
05 Hair Of The Schnauzer
06 My Ugly Sister-In-Law
07 1uddy Can You Spare An Aspirin
08 Soupy Reads The Paper
09 Some Doctor Jokes
10 A Funny Thing Happened To Me In The 1arber Shop And Hotel Lobby
11 Orson Welles And All Those Guys
12 Somebody Knockin' At My Door
13 There's A Horsey At My Door
14 The Paramount, My Greatest Thrill
15 More Words Of Wisdom
16 Three Old Men Stories
17 Gimme Some Skin
18 Old Shows Never Die, 'They Just Get Erased'
19 The Mouse
20 My Father Wants His Dollar Back
21 Somebody Else Knockin' At My Door
22 My First Love


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